Olympics 2016 / Go for the Gold prayers for your marriage!

Dave and Sherry 13/09/2016

Like lots of people, we watched many of the Olympic competitions. Their strong desire and how long and hard people worked to win was amazing! Striving to be the very best they can. To watch them can inspire all of us to strive to be our best-as a spouse. Not focusing on what our spouse should be doing, but our own walk with the Lord.

As you read these short stories of victory think about your marriage. Maybe pick one that really inspires you in the Lord. Pray over it, ask Him to give you all you need to walk it out and see His love and victory!

A gold medal woman swimmer said 3/4 of the way to the finish line she felt so sick she thought of quitting-but chose not to-and won! God calls spouses who feel sick with shame or unforgiveness to choose to forgive or receive forgiveness-not quit!

Many winners thanked their coach for teaching, correcting and standing by them. Because of that, they continued when times were tough-and won! When a spouse comes into close relationship with Jesus He can teach, correct and will never leave or forsake so they can stand strong and see victory!

One man gold medal winner running in the track races actually fell down during the race. The announcer was amazed he didn’t just lay there holding his leg. But he actually got up, dove back into the race, began passing more and more men-and won! When we fall down and our emotions say to hug your hurts, we must remember that through Christ we can do all things! Get back up; ask the Lord to win the race!

The greatest male swimmer of all time got off track a few years ago and felt his life was meaningless. But when confronted in love he chose to rise up and inspire millions-and won! Sometimes we can feel like our marriage is off track, has “lost it’s way”, but Jesus is THE way and will lead us back. Choose life!

The “fastest man in the world” stopped after each race to thank the Lord-and he won! When we acknowledge the Lord in deep loving gratitude, he will fill us with thankfulness for our spouse!

An article about the young lady they are calling the greatest woman gymnast who ever lived said “For her, the surest way to achieve greatness is never taking greatness for granted.” and she won! We should never take our spouse for granted but choose to see the special gift they are from God. Are you choosing to?

A woman’s sailing team won gold as they fought an unexpected wind shift that appeared would cause them to lose. But they battled back, adjusted-and won! Many times in our marriages the wind can suddenly shift, when things had been going smoothly. We need to get into God’s presence, adjust a defeatist attitude, and battle in the spirit to get back on course so our marriage wins!

A two man sand volleyball team came from behind, in a solid rain, to win both games and won gold! Sometimes married couples start off strong but seem to fall behind, waiting for the sun to shine on their relationship. When they humbly turn to Jesus and ask for miracles, covering themselves from the rain in His great love, God works miracles on their behalf!

Many who were interviewed cried on TV in front of the whole world because they were so happy. Saying it was worth every sacrifice to focus on the goal-and win! We can tell hundreds of stories of couples who sacrificed pride, fear, unforgiveness or self-centeredness; turned to Jesus and saw God do miracles only he can do and their marriages are blessed and whole!

This is not just an article with encouraging tips to help a hurting marriage or bring happiness to one that is ok. This is hopefully to inspire us all to greatness in our love relationship with the Lord. Because it WILL flow over into our marriage relationship.

For the Lord is the power behind us, not just our own willpower. He wants to teach, love, correct and instruct-so we win! Do you let Him?

We need to decide to be desperate to win! Are you desperate to win? We won’t be desperate to win that fulfilling marriage till we are desperate for Him! He is the ultimate prize.

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

Why not stop and pray right this moment over one or more of the stories that spoke to your heart. The Lord is waiting and eager to meet you there.

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